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cebu island hopping
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Welcome to Cebu Island Buffet

Island hopping is an existing generic industry that has been so popular these days in Cebu. And for that, we proudly introduce to you a perfectly new and much more exciting experience than any ordinary island hopping. Introducing… Cebu Island Buffet- an island hopping and eat all you can buffet!

Cebu Island buffet brings you a dynamic experience of island hopping in Cebu while enjoying an eat all you can buffet. It is a perfect outdoor experience attributed to a combination of The Place, The Boat, The Crew and most especially The Food. Surely, it is the best outdoor experience everyone will love!

This wholesome outdoor activity package is ideal for almost all types of group activities from personal associations such as birthday celebrations, school reunions, family reunions, friends outing, or regular monthly family outings to work or business associations such as company outing and team building.

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